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Arrow press kit?

i'm wondering if my press kit is all it should be. does anyone have an opinion on what every press kit should have, etc? any help from someone really experienced would really be appreciated. thanks.
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I don't believe there is a "tried and true" formula for marketing.
Marketing is whatever sells the product in the best manner. The best marketing is ALWAYS against the grain.

A press kit should have the basic items the newspaper/radio/TV station needs to find your show.
A press release, headshot (correct size for print ads) and a piece from your promotional kit, either a brochure or video depending on the act.

A promo kit should contain anything that sells your show effectively. If dead chickens make people want to book your show, send them dead chickens!
Don't follow the formulas, follow what works. Test your promo material on people who ARE NOT in the business and ask agents and booking people what they liked/disliked.

Nobody ever just asks an agent what was good about the promo. Try it, they love to talk about themselves.

If you want to send me your promo, please do. I'll give you a brief opinion.

good luck. If you have specific questions just let me know.

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Thom Britain, Modern Gypsies Entertainment
Thom Britain
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