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Your Host
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Post So what happened to the old site???

Hi folks, here's the news.

It's a long story, so I'll condense it. I woke up Tuesday morning, Dec. 5 and Professor Schaffted (AUSTRALIA) had emailed me saying the bulletin boards were acting funny. I checked them out and everything was fine on my end (Boston.) Within an hour, I couldn't load the site and kept getting blank gray screens wherever I went, as if nothing was on the server.

I FTP'd in and sure enough, ALL FILES were deleted. Yup. Everything. I called my ISP and they told me that in the switch to their new company (15 months ago) my account must have gotten lost because I hadn't been billed since September of 1999. I honestly hadn't noticed because they were charging me for my other sites and my Internet access. But somehow, was not billed and therefore not paid for, for 15 months! So they killed my account. (And hopefully won't back-bill me!)

I immediately got my ass in gear and spent about the last 4 days (straight) getting the new finished and uploaded to a new server. Ahhh. What a relief.

So all the old boards (up til about 2 weeks ago) are archived on my computer. As soon as I recover from my HTML induced stupor, I'll try to get them archived up here somewhere.

Until then, have fun with the new site. I think I'm getting carpal tunnel syndrome...

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Peter Voice
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Meanwhile, somewhere in Amsterdam, tension mounts!!!!

And rides off into the sunset.
Every-one should watch their drawers!
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Dead Wood Records
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Well it's a good job I kept all the stuff on file from 2nd October!

No one can escape that one!

Trevor Rooney
Trevor Rooney


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During those four days, myself and Martin amongst many others, fretted and worried that Performers.Net was gone for good.

We are so pleased to have it back.

I thank you most sincerely. Keep it up.
If an artist can't even dream of happy ending what chance have the politicians got of making one?

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