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Olive Juice
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Default Olive Juice - Ukulele & Upright Bass

Hello Everyone! We're Nick (Upright Bass) and Danielle (Ukulele and Vocals) aka Olive Juice. We've been busking and playing together since September. We're both to be college graduates from the University of the Arts in May(Nick for Music and Danielle for Theatre.) We love having fun and making people smile.

I posted this in another section, but I thought it couldn't hurt to post here as well.

We're originally from Philadelphia. We're often found playing in Rittenhouse Square as well as the Philly subway. This summer, however, we're making our way across the United States and through Canada for 3 months playing in the streets as well as some restaurants and bars.

We're going to a pretty large amount of cities that we've never been to before. I was curious if I post the lists of the cities if people would be willing to give us information on where to play, housing, venues, restaurants and cool places to see. Let me know!

Here's our youtube page if you're interested in checking us out and if I get any feed back I will surely post the list of our cities!

Fun Silly Cover Videos:

Original Music:

Thanks, guys!

Nick & Danielle (Olive Juice)
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