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Default what's in a name

So after years performing under one stage name, I've decided to change my name and my show.
I chose a name I had never in 22 years of performing heard of any street performer using, and it suited the ideas and energy I wish to portray in the show.I thought I had done a thorough search to see if any other street performer was using the name and all looked good. Now I've just told a friend my new name and within minutes he sent back a link to a comedy juggler/magician that uses the same name.
I work mainly in Europe sometimes Canada, and this other guy seems to work mostly locally in one state of america..

What's your opinion if I go ahead and still use the name knowing someone has used it before me ? I've already prepared the whole show around the persona the name creates.
I don't want to say the name just yet, but I will say there have been at least one song and one movie bearing the name, so it's not like it's completely original.
Now you can probably guess what it is.
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