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Great points Evan!

We try to strike a balance - we don't sell images of us unless we own the photos (so nothing taken at an event), and we ask photographers for permission to put the images on our website and send it out for press. We're also rabid about crediting photographers and linking to their sites, and sending them hard copies of press in which their photo appears as well as making sure they are credited by the paper or magazine. So it's definitely a two-way street.

For us, what's frustrating is granting permission to a photographer to take photos at an indoor, ticketed show for which we ARE the clients who control access (when the photographer has requested to come take photos for their own purposes), and then the photographer drags his heels about sending along copies...even though that was the deal he agreed to on the way in.

And of course, do note that the clause I'm pointing out is also a release - so the photographer CAN use the images he's taken of us at a private event where we are not the client and it may be a legal grey area. We're happy to release our images - as you rightly point out, it's rare that free publicity is harmful - but we want it to be a two-way street. Models are expensive, too
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