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I do not know if they have ever suspended anybody for failing to reply to 5 or more gig offers. But as I mentioned earlier, they do have an excellent customer service & support department. I'm sure that if you had a legitimate reason for not responding (like losing internet connection) or you were dealing with an unusual set of circumstances, they would take that into consideration before suspending you. It is in their best interests to have as many entertainers listed as possible. I believe they just want to be sure the entertainers they do have are actively looking for work. Those are the ones who bring in the booking fees.

As far as GigMasters giving you the contact info of the clients... you only get that information AFTER you put in a bid for the gig. The initial alert you receive for any gig does not have the client's contact information on it (not even a last name). If you reply with a "Yes" & put in a bid, then you get that information right away. If you reply with a "No", you never get that information at all. I have had clients who found me on GigMasters, and after I put in a bid, asked if they can book me directly to avoid paying the booking fee. While I am sure this does happen, I have always said no... even if it meant losing that particular gig. I explain that the booking fee is used to maintain & improve the site, which keeps lots of entertainers (like myself) employed. If people stopped paying the booking fee, the site would eventually go out of business. I do let the client know, however, that they can contact me directly for any future events they may have. Also, in order for a client to leave you any testimonials & ratings, that booking fee has to be paid... either by the client or you (you can opt to pay the fee yourself to increase your chances of getting the gig). Those ratings really do play a big part in people choosing you over your competitors. So if you want lots of positive reviews, you got to make sure that booking fee is paid.

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