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spwc 07-01-08 04:53 AM

Street Performance World Championship
We are looking for ideas for the 2009 Street Performance World Championship photocall. This year the Space Cowboy broke the world record for the most amount of swords swallowed at the same time, 27 (the same number of states that are in the EU). We, being the media whores that we are, put EU flags on the end of the swords to get more publicity (There was a huge European vote the next day)... And it worked:

We are looking for an act that is visual enough to get loads of media attention. If you have an idea for a photoshoot please do drop us a line at . World records are always good easy wins, but really if there is something that you think is massively visual, we would love to hear from you.

USA BREAK DANCERS 07-07-08 10:18 AM

We would love to be a part of it someday.

John J 07-14-08 10:16 PM

Hey, hope ya got lots of publicity. Unfortunately, you are quite a bit behind the times as far as the sword swallowing record is concerned.

The current official record recognized by Guiness (sp) is 34 swords at one time and that is held by 3 time record holder John "Red" Stuart. The current unofficial record is 37 swords, again by Red Stuart, Yes, I witnessed it.

By the way, by the end of the year there will be an even bigger record that will blow you and anybody else away. Wait and see.


gav 08-25-08 02:52 PM

I could set the world record for least tattooed street performer juggling the least amount of fire torches whilst swallowing the least amount of swords, whilst being watched by the worlds smallest audience.

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