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caricatureguy 02-17-13 12:49 AM

Caricature Busking Book Blog
Me and a sweet lady telling me how much she loves my drawings.

I have a book I've written on caricature busking that I've been meaning to publish. I have a couple of others I've got outlines for and apart from that, my day to day life/work is kinda corny and might gets some chuckles along with some war stories from doing gigs cross country and busking in bars for 20+ years, so I think maybe I have enough material for a daily (more or less) blog. My goal is to motivate myself actually get this material down on paper/screen and use it to finish these books so I can actually get them published in paper while I'm still above ground. Here is the blog URL:

Today's post about busker's rights, which might be of particular interest, is here:

I'm mixing the topics up to keep it interesting. My hope is that it will be an interesting read for people who don't know the first thing about what it is I do, and sticking to one subject all the time would probably sound pretty dull to the average joe who stumbles onto it... The busking sections may be of particular interest to this community, I have at least partially written them with the P-Net crowd in mind. I have written a little bit of background about busking that I know of in general and I have a lot more detailed info about what your rights are as a busker (at least in the US). I have another couple of chapters about the kind of places a busker can perform and then I will be getting into actual stories and detailed information about what I do specifically. I figger the stories need to have a background first so I'll get to the meaty war story stuff later.

What I do is a little different from what most of the performers on P-Net do. I do strolling caricatures and it's more of a one-on-one performance than most of you get to enjoy. I'm very mobile, very versatile and I can enjoy a pretty laid back schedule yet go all day and have a few beers while I work. I mostly busk in bars (private property). I will go into why I do that in upcoming posts. (and why I rarely do it anymore...) I do roving caricatures when I busk on public property as well, though I do have a mobile easel and an iPad caricature set up with a projector that I use for some festivals. I have had to fight a city to busk on their boardwalk and have experience with that. I had a lot of help from the ACLU. I have managed some public and private busking events for the cities I've lived in and hired buskers for these on occasion. I don't do a "stage show" kind of act, but know lots of people who do and have seen them work, and read a lot of your interesting discussions here over the years so if I've gotten anything wrong or if there is something I need to add, please let me know. Also, since I don't need to draw a crowd or pass a hat, I'm guessing my experience is sorta unique by most people's standards and may be of interest to some of you here, so if you have any questions, likewise, I'd be glad to answer them.

Anyways, I'd love to hear your thoughts, feedback, ideas or criticisms. If you'd like to share bits of it with friends -particularly the part about legal stuff since in my experience, many buskers don't have a clue about their rights and how to deal with harassment by the police- please just let me know if you plan to publish it anywhere publicly and be sure to credit me as the copyright owner. I know you all have some F-ing crazy stories of your own, so if you have a story or something you'd like to share please let me know and I'd be glad to add it to my blog and credit you and link to your site or whathaveyou. I think it would be great to add them into the mix and give a different perspective into the world of busking for people who read the blog (and presumably would be interested in it since my angle here is that there is this mysterious world they know nothing about) Thanks, enjoy.

caricatureguy 03-12-13 01:34 AM

Some Thoughts on Operational Security- might be of interest to the P-Netters as well Here's Your Operational Security Manual for the Average Busker! -At least from a walk-by busking point of view- and a novelty entertainer. I'm sure that the info will be helpful or thought provoking at least. Enjoy.

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