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Reb_TigerSoop 11-30-09 08:06 AM

Question about Troupes/Groups?
Many of the performers here are "singles"--my question is regarding "troupes" and "Groups".

There are four of us in TigerSoop and I'm looking to add a 5th and possibly a 6th.
  • Is it even possible to somewhat support a group that size Street entertaining [even as a part time sorta living]?
  • What differences in fronting style and hatting do Troupes find between yourselves and singles?
  • Is one person patently the "front person"? Is that the person that should do the "hatting"? Or is it better to have all the members be "interesting characters" that relate to the crowd and pass hats?
  • What about physical space? We need, literally more space than I needed as a single performer? Is it best to shoot for a circle show rather than walk by?

Any other ideas or suggestions, I'm all eyes!

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